Our 2021 Impact Report

Learn about who we are, what we’ve accomplished, and where we see ourselves as we look to the future of the clean energy industry.

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Mary King

Executive Vice President, People and Culture

The sustainable energy industry continues to be one of the fastest growing in the world…Twenty years in, we know how to use the lessons and successes of 2021 to continue building a better future.

Evolving for Tomorrow

As we reach our 20th anniversary as an organization, we reflect on the lessons and successes that have contributed to our growth and perseverance through the last year.

Megawatts in Operation

In 2021, our portfolio expanded to new regions across the globe.


Projects added


Megawatts added


Construction jobs supported


Commercial Operation Date:


Invenergy Safety Culture

Safety training per services employee

Total fleetwide training hours

People Powering Growth

Our people are our greatest asset, and it is thanks to the immense talent of our smart, dedicated workforce that allows us build and operate our world-class power projects.


Employees across the globe

“People at Invenergy are encouraged to learn day in and day out, and to continually look for ways to improve.”

Kevin Schroeder

Senior Vice President, Renewable Operations 15 years at Invenergy

Quotes Kevin Schroeder

“After six years with Invenergy, I'm grateful to be working with some of the smartest and most dynamic people in the industry.”

Carly Goranson

Associate, Communications 6 years at Invenergy

Industry Leadership Carly Goranson

“When searching for my first job, I wanted to make sure I would be supported. My amazing team here is always around if I need any help.”

Tess Ngochi

Staff Engineer, Renewable Engineering 2021 New Hire

Quotes Tess Ngochi

We believe that our colleagues power Invenergy’s success and our innovative solutions are generated by the diversity of ideas and perspectives that are shared by employees who bring their whole self to work.

Fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are sought, everyone feels included and can grow to their full potential is everyone’s responsibility. We are as committed to becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company as we are to building a more sustainable world.

We remain committed to exploring the role sustainable energy can play in creating a more just and fruitful future for us all. Through data collection, diversity training, and hearing from our people, we are continually working to evolve our business to support equitable change.


U.S. employees who are military veterans

8% U.S. hires were military veterans


U.S. employees who are women

27% U.S. hires were women


U.S. employees who are POC

23% U.S. hires were POC

Invenergy Affinity Groups provide opportunities for our employees with shared interests and common bonds to connect on meaningful levels.

Affinity Group Members 0070 ABDOU MEREDITH
Affinity Group Members 0069 ALERS ANNELI
Affinity Group Members 0068 Basista Elizabeth
Billotte Jo Ellen
Affinity Group Members 0067 BORDERS WILLIAM
Melissa Brinson
Majewski John
Consolino Alexandra
Affinity Group Members 0066 BRAUSE KRISTIN
Affinity Group Members 0065 BRIESE CHELSEY
Affinity Group Members 0064 COLLIER ELIZABETH
Affinity Group Members 0063 Colpa Alma
Affinity Group Members 0062 Crow Blake
Affinity Group Members 0061 CURE BRISTI
Affinity Group Members 0060 DAVIS BRANDON
Affinity Group Members 0059 DOWNEN LAUREL
Affinity Group Members 0058 EASTWOOD ERIN
Affinity Group Members 0057 EISS SYDNEY
Affinity Group Members 0056 Ellison Joe
Affinity Group Members 0055 ESPINOSA ANDRE
Affinity Group Members 0054 Fiszer Beata
Affinity Group Members 0053 FRANK MELANIE
Affinity Group Members 0052 Gabriela Requejo
Affinity Group Members 0051 Gibbons Kim
Affinity Group Members 0050 GINN ERIC
Affinity Group Members 0049 Greskowiak Robert
Affinity Group Members 0048 Gump Jenny
Affinity Group Members 0047 HAEFFNER CORYDON
Affinity Group Members 0046 Harding Ryan
Affinity Group Members 0045 HEAGNEY SAM
Affinity Group Members 0044 HELMS WYATT
Affinity Group Members 0043 HEYDERMAN CATHY
Affinity Group Members 0042 HOFFMAN ANDREA
Affinity Group Members 0041 HOFFMAN DIANA
Affinity Group Members 0040 IRVING RYAN
Affinity Group Members 0039 JAMES ALISON
Affinity Group Members 0038 Jeffery Brian
Affinity Group Members 0037 Jones Rhonda
Affinity Group Members 0036 Joseph Kaczmarski
Affinity Group Members 0035 KAPLAN MICHAEL
Affinity Group Members 0034 Kimmerly Julia
Affinity Group Members 0033 Kleinhans Hayden
Affinity Group Members 0032 KOTELOV ELI
Affinity Group Members 0031 KRAIG JESSICA
Affinity Group Members 0030 LANG PARSON LESA
Affinity Group Members 0029 Leoni Lisa
Affinity Group Members 0028 LEVY CASSIDY
Affinity Group Members 0027 Lewallen Sheryl
Affinity Group Members 0026 Mena Teresa
Affinity Group Members 0025 MISCH DAN
Affinity Group Members 0024 NGOCHI TESS
Affinity Group Members 0023 Noel Lindsey Senior Associate Communications
Affinity Group Members 0022 OLIVARES RACHEL
Affinity Group Members 0021 OLSON ALAINA
Affinity Group Members 0020 Paige K 07577 new headshot
Affinity Group Members 0019 Parikh Priyam
Affinity Group Members 0018 PURTELL BRAD
Affinity Group Members 0017 Raichelson Ryan
Affinity Group Members 0016 Rogers Megan
Affinity Group Members 0015 SANDERS PAUL
Affinity Group Members 0014 SANTIAGO FRANK
Affinity Group Members 0013 SCHENK ANNE
Affinity Group Members 0012 SCHMELING SCOTT
Affinity Group Members 0011 Stewart Shannon
Affinity Group Members 0010 Strobel Kelsie
Affinity Group Members 0009 TAIBER JONATHAN
Affinity Group Members 0008 THALMANN MIYA
Affinity Group Members 0007 THOMAS LAUREN
Affinity Group Members 0006 UEHARA MICHIYO
Affinity Group Members 0005 UENO TAKAHIRO
Affinity Group Members 0004 VANPORTFLIET RYAN
Affinity Group Members 0003 WARNER KATY
Affinity Group Members 0002 WELLS MARGUERITE
Affinity Group Members 0001 Williams Nitara
Affinity Group Members 0000 Wilson Darlene

Empowering Communities

We love to see communities happy and successful, and we will continue to build on these great relationships as we write the next chapter of energy history together.

Community engagement is one of the most important aspects of who we are.

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Community Engagement Carousel 0001 04
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Health & EMS






Our Community Impact at La Toba Energy Center

Our partnerships with a variety of local and national organizations reflect the core principles of our business and the role we want to play in a changing world.

Each year, our employees use their Volunteer Time Off hours to help with a variety of causes, organizations, disaster relief aid and clean-up efforts.


12% increase from 2020

VTO Carousel 0004 01
VTO Carousel 0003 02
VTO Carousel 0002 03
VTO Carousel 0001 04
VTO Carousel 0000 05

Advancing Environmental Responsibility

The broad goal of clean energy is to reduce human impact on the earth, to change the way we do things, to prioritize the preservation of natural spaces and a more respectful relationship to them.


Trees planted*

CO2 equivalent


Cars off the road*

CO2 equivalent

The members of our Environmental Compliance and Strategy team are subject matter experts in natural resource management, federal lands, policy and permitting, and vegetation.

Working with the Department of Energy (DOE) to Study Bird Interactions

Our Grand Ridge Solar Energy Center (20 MW, Solar, IL) and the ECS team partnered with the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory to research bird interactions with solar facilities. Argonne is developing a technology that will automate detection of bird-solar interactions using high-definition cameras and artificial intelligence. The goal of the study is to get a more accurate understanding of how birds use solar PV infrastructure, which will provide further insight into how to better integrate solar projects into the environment around them.

Environmental Compliance Carousel 0001 Grand Ridge

Bat Preservation Initiatives

The Number Three Wind Farm (106 MW, Wind, NY) in upstate New York worked with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) on a unique mitigation project to address a risk to the state and federally protected northern long-eared bat (NLEB). Raccoons were accessing a hibernaculum, or large cave where bats hibernate, preying upon bats as they entered and left. The project team worked with a wildlife consultant to coordinate the trapping and removal of the raccoons at the cave entrance, which eliminated the problem of predation for not only northern long-eared bats, but also for the other bat species using the cave.

Environmental Compliance Carousel 0001 03

American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI)

Invenergy continued its membership of American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) and Wind Wildlife Research Fund (WWRF) in 2021. An important initiative included contributing to a consultant-led study to quantify the relationship between weather patterns and bat activity. The results of the study support the long-term objective of using data gathered during early wind project development to accurately predict the times when bats are likely to be more exposed to collision risk with operating turbines. Operational restrictions — a measure known as curtailment — can then be implemented to protect bats during the precise conditions carrying more risk – essentially maximizing both energy production and bat conservation.

Environmental Compliance Carousel 0001 Maverick

Vegetation Management

Invenergy stayed ahead of the curve on its environmental initiatives and conscientious land management was essential to that success. In 2021, we established a Vegetation Management Program that provides comprehensive, in-house vegetation and soil management expertise to minimize long-term vegetation and restoration costs.

Environmental Compliance Carousel 0000 04

Pilot Programs & Blade Recycling

Environmental sustainability is a cause that hits close to home for many of our employees, and as Innovators Building a Sustainable World, we make it a priority to support our natural environment.

Environmental Sustainability Carousel 0002 02
Environmental Sustainability Carousel 0002 02
Environmental Sustainability Carousel 0001 03
Environmental Sustainability Carousel 0002 04
Environmental Sustainability Carousel 0000 05

To learn more about our people, our communities, and our environmental stewardship, download the full 2021 Invenergy Impact Report.